AC4C (Alliance of Coalitions for Change) is a collection of Iowa-based coalitions that work to provide substance abuse prevention strategies and resources to local communities.

  • A valued resource to Iowa coalitions
  • Successful partnerships with state agencies
  • Demonstrated leadership in addressing statewide substance misuse and abuse
  • Meaningful youth involvement
  • Sustained environmental change

What you can expect from AC4C

  • A valued resource to Iowa coalitions
  • Networking with other coalitions
  • Access to the Roundtable and monthly communications
  • Resources, toolkits and best practices for substance use prevention
  • Collaborations with informed and professional partners
  • Training and CEUs for Certified Prevention Specialists (CPS and ACPS)
  • Information about state-wide training opportunities
  • AC4C Prevention Conference
  • Quarterly work retreats
  • Ability to affect state-wide change

5 Reasons To Become A Member

1. Together, We are Stronger

Join a movement of like-minded coalitions committed to preventing substance misuse and connect your work to state level initiatives.

2. Join our Quarterly Retreats & Annual Prevention Conference

Participate in events throughout the year to increase knowledge while connecting with experts from state agencies and local coalitions.

3. Strengthen Your Impact

Reinforce your coalition capacity with access to toolkits, media campaigns, online and face-to-face training opportunities to increase advocacy, coalition building, establishing priorities, and tailoring a substance abuse message for your community.

4. Stay Informed

Receive monthly access to our Roundtable newsletter as well as ongoing information on AC4C policy issues and latest drug trends. Monthly online action team meetings are held for Alcohol, Marijuana, Nicotine, Other Substances, Policy, Marketing/Capacity.

5. Have Your Say

Provide input on AC4C’s policy work, advocacy priorities and messaging. Hear from state partners and provide insight on local conditions.