AC4C connects State Partners and Communities

AC4C (Alliance of Coalitions for Change) is a collection of Iowa-based coalitions that work to provide substance abuse prevention strategies and resources to local communities.


Youth Engagement and Advocacy

  • Annual Day on the Hill youth training since 2007 for over 100 kids each year.
  • Annual Statewide Prevention Conference with Youth Track since 2019
  • Youth-led state-wide media marketing campaigns started in 2020 addressing meth, alcohol, marijuana and mental health through various venues: Spotify, Instagram and posters for schools
  • Youth leadership trainings held in summer at Camp Dodge


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IN-KIND VOLUNTEER HOURS donated to AC4C’s prevention work from November 2019-September 2022


AC4C held their first meeting


  • 2022: Added addressing mental health officially to mission statement
  • 2022: Participated with the University of Iowa College of Public Health Community Assessment/Observational Tool about the new ways to purchase alcohol
  • 2020-2022: IParticipated in the Alcohol Involved Deaths Workgroup and assisted development of the Alcohol Involved Deaths Report
  • 2021: Partnered with Iowa Department of Public Health (now IHHS) Partnership for Success (PFS) for Coalition Development Coordinator
  • 2020: Identified alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and stimulants as areas of priority based on local & state data
  • 2019: 1st Annual Prevention Conference offered at Camp Dodge
  • 2018: Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA) Goes Local education sessions with pharmacies across Iowa
  • 2018: Provided feedback for Iowa Economic Development state code updates
  • 2018 & 2019: Advocacy Policy Summit
  • 2017: Created videos showcasing need to increase beer tax and issues related to marijuana
  • 2015: Prescription drug disposal sites in all 99 Iowa counties
  • 2015: Funded Iowa Thought Leaders Summit and facilitated local conversations on emerging opioid crisis
  • 2014: State-wide social host law passed in Iowa
  • 2007: Local ordinances to align with state Keg registration

AC4C State Partners and Agencies

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