AC4C connects State Partners and Communities

AC4C (Alliance of Coalitions for Change) is a collection of Iowa-based coalitions that work to provide substance abuse prevention strategies and resources to local communities.


Organizational Makeup

All members are connected to substance abuse prevention efforts in local coalitions.

Executive Board

The Board is made up of 9 elected members; governs coalition activities.


Work to educate elected officials regarding substance use and misuse in our communities, program effectiveness and make funding requests.

Regular Meetings and Communications

Receive updates about events, resources, and state-wide work sessions to address alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, and other substances.

Annual Prevention Conference and Trainings

Receive information about the AC4C Prevention Conference and educational opportunities.

Youth Engagement and Advocacy

Annual "Day on the Hill"training for over 100 youth to advocate for prevention and legislation.


coalitions in




of AC4C Coalitions have passed at least one local ordinance or policy


Hours provided to AC4C efforts by community partners
June 2019 AC4C Evaluation Report


  • 2020: Identified alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and stimulants as areas of priority based on local & state data
  • 2019: 1st Annual Prevention Conference offered at Camp Dodge
  • 2018: Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA) Goes Local education sessions with pharmacies across Iowa
  • 2018: Provided feedback for Iowa Economic Development state code updates
  • 2018 & 2019: Advocacy Policy Summit
  • 2017: Created videos showcasing need to increase beer tax and issues related to marijuana
  • 2015: Prescription drug disposal sites in all 99 Iowa counties
  • 2015: Funded Iowa Thought Leaders Summit and facilitated local conversations on emerging opioid crisis
  • 2014: State-wide social host law passed in Iowa
  • 2007: Local ordinances to align with state Keg registration

AC4C State Partners and Agencies

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