2015 - 2015

Alcohol Educating on alcohol harms for young people, how youth are affected by the price, and how an increase in the beer excise tax was needed. Increased local and state level awareness.
Marijuana Educating on the potential adverse outcomes of expanding the medical CBD law (and increasing THC cap) by growing, making and selling products in Iowa. The bills to expand the law did not pass.
RX/Opioids Co-sponsored and facilitated “Thought Leaders Summit” with IA Medical Society and AMA. 15 state leaders representing physicians, government, public health, and pharmacists attended to address the question: “What can we do both as individual organizations and collaboratively to develop a potent statewide strategy combating opioid diversion and abuse?” Strategic priorities identified for policy and legislation; education and awareness; epidemiology and surveillance; and delivery System design
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